Vocational Evaluation
The Eval Center provides a broad assessment of skills, interests, and abilities as they relate to career planning and preparation. A battery of standardized, statistically valid, and reliable instruments is used in this process. We recognize that each individual is unique in their journey toward a career path or employment. Our assessment and counseling services are designed to meet individual needs, and we take special care to utilize tools and methodologies that are non-biased to the populations we serve. Our facility is fully accessible, and our test materials can be modified to accommodate those with specific disabilities. Evaluation categories can include:

→ Academic achievement
→ Aptitudes
→ Dexterity
→ Work samples
→ Interests
→ Work related behaviors

To see a social story regarding a vocational evaluation, please visit the Associates page.

Vocational Consultation
All consultation services are designed to meet specific needs as identified by the referral source. Consultation services are ideal for school districts, state agencies, families, advocates, employers, or community service agencies. Specific services could include:
→ Individual case file review
→ Programmatic recommendations
→ Transition goal setting
→ Due process hearings
→ Staff training and in-service presentations
→ Community resource information, networking, and referral

Vocational Counseling
Our staff is certified and licensed to provide vocational guidance and counseling to individuals entering or returning to the workplace. Counseling sessions are designed to develop a better awareness and understanding of individual strengths and limitations as they relate to the demands of continuing education and employment. Clinical, educational, and vocational evaluation information is utilized throughout the counseling process to develop a vocational plan. In-depth career exploration via job shadowing, informational interviews, and on-line research assists the individual in learning more about specific occupations and developing a career goal. Job readiness skills, including resume preparation and application/interviewing techniques, can also be included as part of vocational counseling services.
Transition Services
The Eval Center is proud to offer services to assist with transition planning for high school students. Our certified rehabilitation counselors have backgrounds not only in vocational evaluation, but also in placing persons with disabilities in employment, providing employer services, and educational consultations. We have a unique understanding of students as they make their transition from an educational setting to a career in which they are best matched. In addition to a Vocational Evaluation, the following services are available to further assist in the transition planning process:

Social Cognition and Communication Skills
Our assessments and services focus not only on measurable job skill sets, but also on the key work-related communication skills that are essential for career success. We work with schools to implement creative and pragmatic methods to further teach and enhance social communication skills that will transition to the greatest success in the workplace.
Functional Vocational Assessment
In certain cases, an on-site functional assessment can be beneficial to evaluate the student within natural environments. Combined with vocational testing, an on-site evaluation conducted in home, school, and/or employment settings can further assist in setting transition goals to develop necessary work skills and behaviors.
Case File Review
We will review a student’s IEP, current coursework, recent evaluations, and work progress to offer input regarding transition goal setting. We can also provide individualized feedback regarding the student’s current transition plan and potential future needs.

Program Consultation
We work directly with individual public and private schools, therapeutic day schools, school districts, and special education cooperatives to assist with developing appropriate transition services and recommendations for program improvement.

“Thank you for your past help with testing and a great vocational evaluation report.  I recently re-read the report and am fascinated by how on-target it remains in detailing my strengths and weaknesses.”
T. (past client of The Eval Center)